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Hi, stan told me about your ohio group. i'm just west of Toledo so it seems fitting to join you guys if you don't mind. I see you'll be meeting in chat this Sunday and I'll try to be there. When I get more time I'll post some more about myself. 


brian aka Big B

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It is on my calendar.

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SWEEEEEET!!! Now that we got this B**CH Rollin'....Lets Git'er Done!!!



ok....Now that I got that out of my system. Lookin' forward to workin with all of you!



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Call us butter...we're on a roll!


Sunday evening it is -- maybe we can get a few others to join in between now and then.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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I'm here!!! LOL.  Thanks to SmokinOhioButcher for lettin me know the Ohio Group existed. 



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Hey Ray -- Glad you found out about the group.  

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Anyone up for meeting #2 tonight?

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O.K.,guys. I got another Su8rgery on the 16th of Jan. I certainly hope I make it an it clears me of these things. The Doc @ St.Lukes messed my stuff up , and I have felf like S**t.


So see ya later and I'll have the info. abouyt the campground.


Stan      aka      oldschoolbbq


Have fun and...

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