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Smoking when its Foggy outside.

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Ok folks., give me your opinion on this topic :


How do you feel about hanging sausage and smoking when its foggy or rainy outside?

I have always heard that its not a good idea, but since the meat is inside the smoker makes me wonder the reasoning behind what I have been told.

I know when its foggy usually means its warm in my part of the woods (S. Texas) so I have try to avoid doing sausage when the weather gets that way...


Please give me your input. Thank You.


Dexter Gillespie

AKA (Hoity_Toit)unsure.gif

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I don't know what the reasoning behind that would be. I smoke all the time in any weather. On low temp smoking like cured sausage I still have no  trouble in the heat & humidity down here in FL. Cold smoking something like cheese or salmon for lox, is a little more challenging in the summer, but doable with a big pan of ice in the smoker.

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I can't find any info on this...Many put Water pans in Smokers generating 100% Humidity with Great results...Maybe it an Old Time No-No for DRY Curing Sausage...JJ

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The humidity might even help in my opinion.  Perhaps the creating a better substrate for the smoke particle??


When I dry cure sausage I need make sure the humidity is up a little over ambient.  I had the casing dry to fast.


Good luck.  keep us posted.

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what a great idea for cold smoking..Ice...I would have never thought of that. Thank you.


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