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Two Basic Methods, one Result

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There are two basic methods to start to make bacon from fresh product:


Dry Curing 

Wet Curing


Both essentially accomplish the same result: curing fresh meat to preserve it.


There are two basic methods to make the cured product into bacon:  


Cold Smoking

Hot Smoking


So you first have to choose your method of curing, then your method of smoking.


There is no better "right" way or "wrong" way; it's what you want to do and what type of finished product you wish to accomplish.

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Thanks Pop's I like the brine cure & cold smoke method. 


It's what works for us!

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I've got 30# of bellies brining right now with your recipe Pops.  It will go in the smoker tonight for about a 24 hour cold smoke with hickory.  I wish I had some corn cobs to make authentic Fassett's bacon.

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simple and direct..........nice pops!

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Thanks Pops as always!


I think this puts that one at rest.


Good luck and good smoking.

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