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Pork & Beans

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For the upcoming Husker game got some butts and wicked smoked beans! Here they are on the MES!!!

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Well you are off to a good start.

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I love to see a full smoker!

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Here they are this morning. Probe says only 155, but the right one fell apart when I went to wrap it! Is it done? Should I pull them off? I usually go to 190.

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Your probes may be off. Grab the bone & give it a twist. If you can pull it out, it's done.

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That's what I thought. The meat fell off the bone. It's resting now.
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Lookin good!!

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Looks great!!  Sometime try smoking the butts over the beans.  Letting the drippings fall in tastes fantastic!

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Turned out great and Huskers won! Great photo of prayer before game!

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A sad week for college football.


The players themselves led the country in healing.  Please see:




Good luck and good smoking.

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