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My son Andrew kills first whitetail!

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Way to go Andrew!  7 Point!!!!  First deer, Dad is so proud!andrews deer 006.JPG

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NICE ! !yahoo.gif

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Congrats Andrew!!!! Very nice buck. There is nothing like hunting! I'll will be out there tomorrow!!

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Nice Buck


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Congrats to him nothing like getting the first one

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Congrats.  Nice buck.

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Nice Buck for the first one of many I'm sure.

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Congrats Andrew!

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And a Very Nice 7 Pointer It Is !!!!


Congrats to Andrew----And Dad!!!!




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Congrats Andrew on your first kill.


That is a real nice one too.



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Awesome I am taking my kids Rabbit Hunting over Thanksgiving at 5 and 6 I am waiting a few years before they take a whitetail.  Very proud moment for you I know for sure. 

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Good one.  Great to see you don't waste any time eating it!!

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Nice buck..Congrats !!!! I will be out on the lake tomorrow...The Crappie are biting...

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very nice good job!!!!!!!!

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Nice one, hope I can get one that nice this coming weekend.

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congratulation_graphics_2.gifGo hunting with your kids today so you wont be hunting for them tomorrow.

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