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New fridge build ?

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So I'm getting a old fridge this weekend (free). My plan is to turn it into a smoker that can be used as a competition smoker, so it needs to be able to burn wood/charcoal. Seems like majority of the fridges I see are either propane or electric powered. So I'm looking for pictures/help from people that have converted fridges that burn wood/charcoal. What do you use for firboxes, what size fire boxes, how do they attach the fire boxes? Any help on where to start would be helpfull.

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I think that you can buy a seprate fire box from Homeless or Lowe's. They are the one's that go to the brinkmen smokers.

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I have never seen a charcoal fridge build. This should be interesting.

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I'll be watching.popcorn.gif Here is some pictures of one on here.

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How did this build go? I am wanting to start the same project, and I have the same type of fridge. Did you need to replace that trim around the door and door frame. Mine seems to be some sort of plastic or maybe vulcanized rubber.
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He hasn't posted anything in 2 yrs. However you should replace the trim with flashing an the gasket with something heat resistant like stove rope.
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