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Looks great, Cal!


Good luck and good smoking.

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That looks awesome Cal!


I love smoked fish of any kind.

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Your fish looks awesome there Cal.

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Damn.  Now I want some fresh herring to play with...



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Wow those look great.  Still haven't tried fish on my MES.

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Cal, morning... The herring are beautiful... I have never eaten kippered herring but I would eat those... Pickled herring is all we can get where I live and I eat a few jars every year...

I would keep doing what you are doing and ship some to Omak Washington for a taste test... Most people  turn up their noses at herring here thinking they are used for bait only... They do not know what they are missing... I would even try Bear's shad and shad roe... Dave eats anything from the ocean...

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Those look awesome!!!!


I could eat some of them right now, but they might throw me outta the YAWYE club, due to my portion size!!!


The BearView is GREAT !!!!

All I gotta do is left click on the pics & they get huge !!!!



Thank You Much,


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