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melt in your mouth CHUCKIE dinner

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took the day off yesterday to build a floating dock for the backyard so had to fire up the GOSM.  love the smokey smell while I'm working and get a great dinner at the end of the day



2LP chuck roast

mushrooms onions potatoes and asparagus


made a tray of onions, beef broth, jalapenoes to sit under and catch any drippings ( idea from SMOKING AL)


a little pepper onion and garlic rub  into the fridge overnight


IMG_4601 (640x427).jpg


on the smoker with a nice drip pan under  (about noon)  225degrees

added hickory for a nice stronger smoke


IMG_4602 (640x427).jpg


6 hours in and time to wrapp with foil  temp about 175  ( framework for the dock in the back)


IMG_4603 (640x427).jpg


now covered with some carolina mustard sauce wrapped with foil and back into the smoker till its ready


IMG_4604 (640x427).jpg


added a tray of onions mushrooms and asparagus about 6:00  let smoke for 1:30  (next time will cook for two hours) 


IMG_4605 (640x427).jpg


everyone looks happy here!


IMG_4607 (640x427).jpg


dinner is served  about 9:00  i pulled the roast at 205 and let sit wrapped for an hour   very tender


IMG_4609 (640x427).jpg



tasty dinner

now its time for a nap


thanks for looking


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Wow, looks great Rick!!!



I like everything but the nap.



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Sure makes me wish I had some

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That looks really good! I have never done a chuck roast, gonna have to try it one of these days.

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Great looking meal!


I bet you could cut that chuckie with a fork!

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That is another great post Rick. Man that has me droolin.

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Now thats a fine looking plate you have there Rick. I did one the other night but it didn't look quite like yours I guess we are just meat eaters for we just ate the meat till it was gone.

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Looks like a winner!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Awesome! I need to take that chuckie out of my freezer and get to smokin.

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nice plate rick.......chuckie is one of my favorite cuts of beef to smoke.

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Awesome meal Rick! Is that red wine or cherry Koolaid in your veggies? pot.gif

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Oh man one of my favorites.  Yum!

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Originally Posted by Squirrel View Post

Awesome meal Rick! Is that red wine or cherry Koolaid in your veggies? pot.gif

Red Wine squirrel,   no koolaid allowed in this smoker only adult beverages!


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