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STUMPFARMSMOKIN is honored to be here.

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 I am honored to be part of a community that is as passionate as ya'll are. I am a self taught smoker and have been at it for about 20 years. I learned what my father passed down to me as a young buck. I have always smoked with mequite wood on a homemade smoker. I have one on the deck for home based smoking and I have a converted range water tank on wheels for the smoking on the run. I profess not to be the best but am confident in my abilities. My wife recently bought me an electric smoker and I'm still trying to figure that out. I enjoy smoking all kinds of meat and discovered the bacon making process in the last few years. With the economy being the way it is I see smoking and curing meat is a wave of the future, or a wave from the past.

  Having said all of that, I look forward to picking ya'lls brains a little and learning from you. Like I said, I'm honored to be a part of this forum that is a bunch of guys that are as passionate as I am about this subject.

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welcome1.gif do you have a stumps?

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welcome1.gif  you will find all kinds of help and great recipes on this site! 

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Welcome to SMF. Glad to have you with us

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Welcome to the family,

 I think if things keep going the way they are , a lot of the old ways will be in demand.


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First off welcome Stump to SMF. You'll like this place for there are alot of folks here that would just love to help you with just about anything to do with smoking meat. You will find alot of good recipes and techniques here also. so with all that said:


Welcome to your new Addiction

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Welcome, this is a great place to learn and share our mistakes, and BTW  eat well during the learning curve.

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welcome1.gif   Glad to have you with us!

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Welcome STUMPFARMSMOKIN, some of the most helpful, knowledgable, well informed people are here.  I trust many of them, and they have answered my questions quickly without reservation, and with total confidence.  I am lucky to know them, enjoy!

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Welcome SFS !!!



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Welcome Nice to have you join us!

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Welcome to SMF glad you can join us.  We are big on Pics and love to help everyone out.  Remember the only question that is dumb is one not asked.  You will not find a friendlier place to talk Que on the web.

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welcome1.gif Stumpfarmsmokin. Hope you have a great time here, send us some pictures(Q-VIEW) of your equipment and your munchies, Inquiring minds want to know.


Oh, and let us know where you are located(be vague as you wish,but we don't go out and mess with anyone,unless invited)biggrin.gif.


Have fun and...

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Welcome to the SMF Family...Share your work with us, I'm sure you picked up some great ideas in 20 years...JJ

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Welcome aboard!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Welcome Stump!

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