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As we get to the weekend and I prepare for a smoke, I wanted to say a heart felt thank you to all of our Veterans and current servicemen.  I appreciate your service to our country God Bless You and God Bless the USA.

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As the Father of a soldier I also like to thnk all the men and women out there that aren't home yet. Thanks and I'm so proud of what you are doing. After all freedom isn't free.

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Thanks to everyone who has served past and present.


Our small town has a tradition and the local markets collect donations to feed the Marines at Camp Pendleton for Thanksgiving. They start collecting on Nov 1 but the big day is always Veterans Day. I will be making my way to town today to donate for sure.  

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...........X5.........     Dave

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A Veteran is someone who, at one point in his/her life, wrote a blank check made payable to The United States of America for an amount of ‘up to and including my life.'
As a two star dad, and a Patriot Guard Rider...THANK YOU to all our Veterans and our volunteers currently serving. None shall be forgotten!
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 Thank you all !  

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As a grandson, son and brother of a line of veterans, I too say THANK YOU to all who have served.  We have what we do because of you.  As MBalli said above -- "freedom aint' free."


God bless you all.

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