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YES!   Now you're getting the idea,pull them bones and let us see the pulldrool.gif.

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Results are in! I pulled the first butt after an hour and had me a sammie, it was excellent. I know where all you bark hounds are coming from now. This was the spicier of the two rubs and the bark was heaven. It was just a touch on the dry side but nothing a little finishing sauce couldn't make right. After my snack I caught a ride to town with a friend and let the other sit in the cooler till I got back. After 4 hours of rest it was holding at 161 and there was much more juice in the foil. It pulled apart great and seemed much jucier than the one that rested for an hour. Well here we go with the Q-view


Resting in the cooler


Butt #1


Time to eat


Back to pulling #1


Butt #2...notice the extra juice




Bear view


And after a container set aside for supper, what I ate for lunch and giving a bag to my friend, I've still got a nice bit of PP to freeze. Sammies with slaw on top for supper tonight.


So I did learn some valuable info from this smoke. I will always let the cooler rest go 3 hours. Still don't know what the deal with my AMNPS was, but next time I'll do it during the day so I can keep an eye on it. I'm going to play with soflaquer's finishing sauce recipe a bit...I did 2/3 cider vinegar and 1/3 apple juice but still was missing something I was looking for. As always, thank all of you who have answered questions, offered suggestions, and posted step by steps and your own smokes that I could learn from. I ended up with some fantastic pulled pork that may have otherwise been less than stellar if not for everyone here. I'm off to have a sammie and think about what I want to attempt next!

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congratulation_graphics_2.gif  YOU GOTTA LOVE PP THAT SWEET!...JJ

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It just doesn't get any better than that !!!!


Those butts look perfect !!!


And the BearView is GREAT !!






PS: I don't know if you already did it, but I like to throw a few ounces of Apple Juice in with the butt, when I foil it.

Seems to help steam it, and adds flavor & moisture.

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Man o man that's some good looking PP. Just the way we like it, nice big chunks!!

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