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First ABT's They Won't Be My Last

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Having a BBQ at the house this weekend and figure I try some thing new for it. I will be doing a bunch of these in a few varieties.


Precook the bacon.


2011-11-09 20.26.51.jpg


After 1 hour perfection. I let some go for another 1/2 hour and to me that was to long.


2011-11-09 20.56.05.jpg





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You can never go wrong with ABT's Almost every time I smoke I have to do ABT's for my wife! She loves them!

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You better figure on making eight...per person!  They look great!  I like the idea of precooking the bacon.

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All of our friends that come over demand them.


Hey if the smokers already going why not throw some on!

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The only thing I see wrong with this picture is that's theres only 7 really 7 thats all. If I did 7 my wife would beat me over the \head and shoulders and then eat them all before I could get any. Now maybe 4-5 dozen in this here household might do. She told me a longtime ago to make sure that there are some in the refrig for her and her work buddies to. So I make them alot around here. Cause after all a happy fat kid keeps me a happy Fat Kid too.

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X2 on the fact that there is only 7 and the fact that my wife would eat all 7 before I had a chance to smell em!



I got 30 going in the smoke this weekend!


Can't wait!

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