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Gator Jerky Nuggets

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Ok nuff messing around.


Got gator out. There are 5, 1 lb bags in there.




Only going to do 1 lb for now.




Still frozen so BBL

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I am so in for this one. I see since you've moved your doing a lot of gator. I love gator!



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Always like watching the gator threads!!

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got me a chair pepsi.gif

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Think I will sit in with you all this time. I have eaten gator once and liked it.


This should be a good one!!



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Interesting smoke you have going on here.How much do you get gator for down there?

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Now I can also get Gator meat here in the Jax area but I ink there are a couple of other things that I would rather do with it then make Jerky. You can do with it what you want to. I would maybe fry some up or maybe a gumbo would be good too. I'm sure it will be good as jerky too. 

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Bout time you quit messin around.....popcorn.gif

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Y'all are funny.


Good friends, whats better than that.


Going to get going on it tomorrow, have a few honey do's

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Got the gator into some nugget size.


gator nuggets



My marinade.


1 cup teriyaki

1 tsp non iodized salt

1 tsp smoked cayenne

1 tsp black pepper

1 tsp garlic powder

1/4 tsp cure 1 (lower right)





Mix the dry with the wet.




Going to chill in the soup for awhile.


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This is gonna be a good one!!!!






Nepas, Do you like the gator meat from down there more than the PA Gators???  biggrin.gif

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After the soak in the soup the gator nuggets are ready for some smoke.





Dont know how much or fast the gator will take smoke so only have a handfull of hickory/sasafrass pellets in my AMZNPS.






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looking good........waitin too see this one ......................icon14.gif

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Getting close they are.


getting there

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Looking very tasty!!


Didn't have any gator while on vacation in Fl the last 10 days..


Did eat a metric ton of stone crabs tho...



Have a great day!!



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Turned out really good. Even my wife ate some.



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Thanks.  Love alligator.  I'm getting some ideas here. 

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They sure look tasty! Even the grocery stores around here have gator meat, but we get it down at the gator farm about 1/2 hour from here.

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Holy smoke!  They got gators in Savannah, they better watch out, but looks like tasty jerky.

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