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Lead Paint????

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I am about to put together my Fridge smoker. Its probably late 1940-50's fridge. The inside is all metal and im covering all the holes where plastic was with sheet metal/angle iron.


My question is regarding the paint on the inside metal liner. I tried to strip it but paint stripper didnt do anything. Do i need to worry about it being lead based? Do i need to sand it down? Its like supper paint... What did you guys do?

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It's probably not paint. Probably some enamel type coating. Don't know about the lead aspect.

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What he said,yeahthat.gif

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I think the coating is a "baked enamel" which is some sort of glass fused at a high temp to the metal.  I think it is the same as enamel coated cast iron cookware... Dave 

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I'm no expert on lead paint...But for what it's worth...Everything I have read indicates the major issue with lead paint is Flaking...Children eating paint chips... Dust generated by Friction...Opening and closing doors rubbing the paint off jams...Leaching...Acid contacting lead based glazes used in making Ceramic Bakeware manufactured outside of the US.  I don't see you doing any of these with your Smoker and if Sanding didn't get it probably won't be creating Chips or Dust.


Fixes include removal...That ain't happening without hiring a Pro...and Covering...Heat resistent Paint as long as IT is not peeling or flaking and re-exposing the Lead Paint


I can't find anything on heat having any effect other than causing peeling...Our Smoking Temps are not that high.


What do you think?...JJ

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I'm with the ale guy on this one and saying that it's probally some sort of baked on finish.

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Google "lead test kit"  many of your local stores carry them. They only cost around $10-$12 and can provide peace of mind.

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The interior of the frig in the picture is baked enamel not paint.  An Chef is right the only time u have problems with lead paint in this instance would be if it becomes air born.

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