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Smoke Mostaccioli with Sweet Italian Sausage

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Just having fun with the smoker and cooking outdoors.


Started by smoking some Sweet Italian Sausage.

2004-12-31 19.02.46.jpg


At the same time I fried up some ground beef with Italian seasoning.


2004-12-31 19.50.32.jpg


Boiling a package of Penne Noodles


2004-12-31 19.53.23.jpg


Added some sauce with the noodles and added a layer to the bottom of casserole pan.


2004-12-31 20.08.36.jpg


A layer of ground beef with sauce and a layer Italian five cheese 


2004-12-31 20.10.46.jpg


another layer of sauce with noodles a layer of ground beef with sauce an a final layer of mozzarella cheese and toped with the  Italian Sausage.


2004-12-31 20.19.02.jpg


In to the smoker to melt it all together. One for tonight and one will be vacuumed bag and in the freezer for another night.


2004-12-31 20.22.27.jpg


A plate that any Italian would droll over.


2004-12-31 21.15.43.jpg









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That looks really good and I'm not even Italian (as far as I know) Thank you for the qview.. just what I needed to help me make that decision to have a late evening snackbiggrin.gif

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Thats look great..nothing like having fun with the smoker !!!!

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Just plain goodness!


No need to be a Macaroni to love that?


Good luck and good smoking.

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Looks delish! My wife makes a mean baked mastaccioli but smoking has never crossed my mind....Til now.

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I learn so,ethimg new everday, as long as I can rememenber my Mom made Mostaccioli for family gathering. tonight I did a google search on Mostaccioli and this pop up.


Mostaccioli, known in Italy as "Penne Lisce," are a specialty of the Campania Region in southern Italy which includes the cities of Naples, Capri and Sorrento.


BTW my name is Tom Campana.


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I made Mostaccioli Mac and Cheese tonight!...Wish I saw this first...I would have popped it in the Smoker, looking as good as Yours does!...JJ

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Great looking meal!


I'll take a plate of that!

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Now that looksome and a dish that I might try one day.

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