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Originally Posted by harley309 View Post

Sushine State Smoker here, from the Pandhandle !!

Where ya at??

I am over in PDL...



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Ohhhhhh,my goodness.

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Ohhhhhh,my goodness. Geez

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Welcome to the forums.. fellow Floridian....
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Milton (Pensacola area)

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Hey Harley.... There's quite a few of em up in your neck of the woods.... and we also have the N. FL. Gathering coming up which is up that way...
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Thanks for the information !!  If I have any luck I will try to make it to the gathering !!

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Just moved to Port Richey, sadly had to downsize the smoker to MES 30 but results are still great.

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Just joined.  S. Fla in S. Broward County.  Anyone else in the area?  Is there another thread for people in that area?

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FrankV here.  I've been around the site for a short while but just found the group section and joined  this SSS group.   I'm a retired,relatively new, Floridian (or maybe that is Floridiot? Not quite sure. Heard it pronounced both ways!) and a rather newbie at this hobby called Smoking Meat.  I'm located in Ormond Beach just above Daytona...7 miles from the race track, Looking forward to some local discussion or common interest.  Oh, and yes, I Have a question already.  In this land of fruit trees, dose anyone know where to get fruit wood for smoking locally, with out breaking the bank? 

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