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I hear ya oldschool. I've driven longer distances just to hit a "special" restaurant so a quick run up 75 is nothing.biggrin.gif


Ummmmmm, the Drum Corps thing...... ssssssSSSSSSSsssssswoooooooooosssshhh.... right over my head.


No clue what you are talking about.


Can't fix stupid but ignorance IS curable..... so cure me, please.


BTW I am a Buckeye that was a DAMN YANKEE for about 12 years in Conway Arkansas but we moved "back up yonder where we belonged".


Good food down there.......

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Mike, I think oldschool is talking about if you want a steel drum to make a UDS....Ugly Drum Smoker

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Aaah that makes sense.


Thank You.

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Im in!!

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Ah nice to see that, I'm a beagle for sure, good or bad lol. So I'm new to smoking been trying to get chatting with others on the what nots and how too's. just got my first smoker and its electric by landmann "smokey mountian series" that's what it says on it anyways. I'm from Toledo area I'm work thirds and as a maintenance tech for equipment at a glass company. I fish and hunt a lot so that's what brings me to the plan of smoking, I get lots of meat of sorts to smoke and like smoked foods. Have lots of question, oh and I've done some trout and whiteBass in the last week with good turn outs.
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Here we go BROWNIES, here we go!!!

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Right in browns, bengals whatever one long as its not them terrible steelers.
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We need to get this Ohio Group moving. 

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I'm in!

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I'm in too!
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What parts of Ohio do you all live?  

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Was from Mansfield then moved to Columbus before leaving to move to Indiana.  Buckeye through and through!

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Grown up in Marion moved north of Galion 7 years ago.
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I am very interested. I am new to smoking and quickly becoming obsessed.

I picked up a smoky mountain smoker at the end of last summer and have done brined turkey breasts - amazing, pork butt - poor outcome, beef tenderloin - beyond amazing, and am getting ready to do a rump roast and bottom round roast.  I have dreams about smoking meat....  I think I am hooked!  I am also open to suggestions and interested in local gatherings where smoking is on the agenda!

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I'm new to smoking meat, but so far, so good. We made Bearcarvers recipe for double smoked ham for Easter and it was outstanding! Looking forward to learning from fellow Buckeyes. I'm in a suburb of Cleveland...I can walk to the lake!
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Dublin, Ohio area checking in.


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From the other day:


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