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Turkey Question: what do I do?

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I went to the store today and picked out a nice sirloin roast to smoke this weekend, while I was there I cruised by the poultry section and they have turkeys!!!


Here's the problem, they are Butterball already cooked, smoked turkeys, what do I do, just heat it up in the WSM?  Low and slow and how long so that it doesn't dry out or hot and fast and it will probably dry out, or use the GOSM, and..., what temp is re-heat temp?


This is a new challenge for me, I've never reheated a whole turkey for Thanksgiving.


One more thing, I can't use the oven, because it will be tied up all day making cake, pumpkin pie, poi and cornbread


Any and all advice will be greatly appreciated.



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I would slice it up cold then place it in a aluminium pan and try to steam it in the wsm with a water pan over the coals .......... Just a thought


good luck gene,....



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Are those the only turkeys they have?

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That's a good idea Joe, you made me remember we have a restaurant size bain marie that I can finish re-heating in, that way it might not dry out too much.


That's all we have Al, we are fortunate to have them this early, usually they don't put them out until a couple of weeks before Christmas.



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Just a though,you mentioned not having the access to the Oven?And you have a WSM and a GOSM? Makes me wonder you intend to heat the Turkeys? Oh, leave them whole, hett low around 200*f till past 165*f then wrap in foil and towels and rest in a warmed cooler-will keep nice for 2-3hrs.,


I belive JJ will agree with me here,what say,my friend?

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Gene, Slice...Rip...Tear all the meat off the Bones...Arrange the meat in the Bain Marie pan, into the fridge...Put all the bones into a 8Qt Pot add, Onions, Carrots, Celery, Herbs and Spices...Top with 8 Cups Cold Water...Bring it up to a Simmer and let 'er go 1 hour...Meanwhile make a Roux or Slurry, 1Tbs Flour per Cup of Broth...Season the finished Broth with S & P and strain out the spent goodies...Either Cool and Refridgerate, if it's a Do Ahead...OR...Back onto the Stove at a simmer and Whisk in the Thicking Agent, stirring until it comes up to a simmer and cook at least 10-15 minutes....NOW...Pour over the Turkey and place the Pan on to whatever heat source has space...Let the whole deal come up to 165*F+ and hold until your ready to eat!  The Gravy keeps the Turkey Moist and it's all in one pan, ready to go on the Buffet...JJ

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oldschool, Chef Jimmy, thanks for the advice, after talking it over with Mrs JPT, since we both have to work Thanksgiving, it will either be Saturday or Sunday when we will eat, looks like with what you two have proposed I can prepare the bird on Saturday and re-heat on Sunday, ...looks like we have a plan, thanks everyone for the advice.


A blessed Thanksgiving to all,



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would go back to the store and see if I could find a non cooked turkey. There should be plenty of them around now.

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Hey Mark,


It's the only game in town, ...the Tahitians don't cook turkey, they let the pre-cooked turkey sit out until it's defrosted and then they start carving.



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