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New to the forum but not new to smoking.  Live in Olathe, used to use an old Cookshack (one of the first ones, way before FEC) but sold it to a buddy of mine who was getting into smoking.

Currently using an old Brinkman Cimarron with a 3 digit serial number, 1/4" plate steel, not a single bolt, even the legs and shelf were welded on at the factory! Welded in a baffle plate, and 3 tuning plates, and it is a smoking machine. Turns out the best pork butt and brisket point I have ever tasted (my two favorite cuts to smoke)  No need to ever upgrade.  Got the smoker free from the folks next door who were throwing it away.  I use Royal Oak USA hardwood lump from the WalMart down the street, I buy the big bag for $12-15.  Use hickory for my pork butts and post oak for my points.

Happy, happy, happy!

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welcome to the group harleykids and olathehusker and cptn jon

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Thanks Coyote1!
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Name's Rob, living in wonderful Jacob's Creek. It's just an area at the north end of John Redmond lake near Burlington. Currently using an Oklahoma Joe, still need to so some mods to it. That's how I found this site.

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welcome to the group Rob

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Can't beat this. 60 ' in January. Time for some ribs.
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Hello From our Capitol City....Topeka !   I have a Master Forge Electric Smoker, A CharGriller Duo (modified, by removing the Gas Side and replaced with counter Top, and adding the firebox) I love the simplicity of the electric smoker but you cant beat the flavor of a stick burner.  I seriously thinking on buying the "Old Country, Over and Under" smoker from Academy Sports.  I have been out there a couple times and have looked at the Pecos and the o&u and im impressed with the thicker gage used for the price.  my Chargriller is a real pain keeping temps up.   I just wanted to say Hi to all the fellow "Smoke Lovers"

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welcome to the group jerry

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Hey everyone, I'm Mike from Topeka. Pretty cool to see a few Kansans on here. I've got an offset Chargriller charcoal with a few simple mods and a 40" MES. Nothing better than spending a day with a 6 pack next to the smoker!

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welcome to the group mike

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I'm Bruce, live in the burbs around KC.  I have a Chargriller with a firebox.  Pretty new to smoking.  Enjoying it so far!

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Welcome.  Even a bad day of smoking yields good food. Enjoy

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Wichita (Andover actually) now in the house!!  looks like there are some smoking fools here in the sunflower state. Hello all!

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welcome Bruce and wichita chief

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Greetings from the south end of the state.. I live in Wellington and have been a member of SMF for many years now... I have a MES40 smoker and love to use it..  I have used this site for everything when it comes to smoking..  Have got lots of recipes and smoking tips off of here.  Just wanted to say hello..





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Welcome MikeH

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Hi all. Matt here from McPherson. Love this website.

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Hey There, KT from Topeka!  Newbie here.  Just built an UDS so any mods or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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Jack from Wichita. New to pellet cooking. I have a Yoder YS640 and love it. Looking to learn more!
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Wichita here, grew up in Parsons Ks (moved to Wichita in 1995)... Yoder Wichita Loaded and Weber WSM

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