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Welcome Ed where is osage city at i'm heading north to Kc tomorrow

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osage city is about fifty miles south of Topeka and just to the west of HWY 75

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Originally Posted by Starwoods View Post

Does anyone know of any competitions going on in the Wichita area?

Go to the Kcbs website and look up events.  I think Dodge city has a contest...several down that way.

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Randy here from Towanda just east of Wichita. Got four smokers and a dry turkey fryer and love the smell of the smoker when its going.

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Welcome Randy

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Randy, my grandfather lives on 30 or so acres of land out near Towanda on Santa Fe Lake rd..right off 254..spent a lot of time out there growing up..
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My name is Mike.  I live in Augusta.  Just bought my smoker.  Looking forward to trying new things.

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Welcome Mike

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Joe here from Lincoln, Ks.  I've been smoking on Green Mountain Daniel Boone for a couple of years now. 

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Welcome Joe, Grew up in ash grove went to sylvan to school.  You'll love this place, it will take your smoking to a whole new level.

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Welcome to SMF Joe

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Hello everyone,


My name is Will and I live in southern Overland Park, KS.


I previously lived in Lee's Summit, MO (about 20 miles east of my current location) for 10 years.


I have been smoking for a few years now, and with a recently acquired, larger smoker, I am almost re-learning everything again, but on a larger level.

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Welcome to SMF Will

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Kingt, It is a great place to live and a great place to cook some awesome meat!

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Hello all ive been reading this forum for a few months now and have picked up some great tips ! I live with my wife and kids near Halstead

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welcome linehand

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Thought I would say Hello as I have just joined the group. I'm retired military and retired civil service on Ft Riley. Not new to smoking meat, been in the forum for 2 years or so. I'm in Manhattan KS and have just moved up from a ECB gas smoker to a Louisiana LG 700 pellet smoker.



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Welcome jon we are in Halstead . Ive been looking into a pellet grill
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Here is a link to my post in the pellet grill group.  http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/166580/just-joined-the-group   If you would like some info please pm me at cptn_jon@cox.net

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Hi everyone...new guy checking in from Olathe.  New to the smoking world, but the first smoke this weekend was a rousing success and now I'm hooked!

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