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Fellow Smokers in your area

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Do we have a way of knowing who is in our area in case we would want to get in contact other than looking at their profiles?  I did a brief search and supposedly there was a "push pin" map several years ago but it seems to be inactive.  maybe a simple sign up list of sorts where people could sign up under a their state and even put city/town of they wanted to, or when you fill out your profile it automatically puts you on a list for your state.  I was also thinking possibly a state specific subforum some where. 


Maybe this has been tried and failed before, or is too much hassle, or web design logistically not very supportable here (didn't know how else to word that last part).  It was just a thought.




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That would be interesting...I know quite a few PA guys but know there are many more...JJ

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I know that some other sites i frequent (not Meat related) have a room where each individual state has a spot  for folks from that state to M & G.

 But we can't even get a chat pinger ,so don't hold your breath.

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It's a great idea. I guess a member list grouped by State would be an invasion of privacy to some of us. Maybe we could voluntarily sing up to have our name & location on a State list.

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Why not just re title your thread   " Hey  ________________ smokers, check in and say Hi"  Anyone interested in getting together with you for a local smoke will check in.  Just bump it once in a while and keep it current.   As a matter of fact I think it would be a good idea to have a forum area dedicated to these types of threads    It would also be helpful if the pm area would allow you to form groups of members that can all exchange pms by simply selecting that group.    Living in SE Louisiana I would want to be in the Central Louisiana, SE Louisiana and Southern MS groups.  Just a couple of ideas

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We have the ability to creat groups here on the forum.. Let me investigate how those work and I'll report back.

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There's hardly anyone on there and I tried to put my name on, but they asked for a donation.


A simple State list would work.


How about it Jeff, if were willing to list our location in our Name, is there a way you can list us by location that we can access?

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I too would like to have the ability to see who is in this area. Before he passed, Richoso and I were in the beginning planning for a So Cal get together. It would be nice to be able to reach out to others to see if there is enough interest.  

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I saw the groups wiki you posted but I guess I still can't find the "Groups" area

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Still working on it.. give me a biticon_smile.gif

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You got it Boss!




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Now , that would be handy.....biggrin.gif

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  count me in , I like the idea , could be handy ...and lead to some get together smoking

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