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Kettle Smoked Bottom Round

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Hello SMFers! Never done a bottom round roast before so decided to try one for some roast beef. All turned out pretty good except for the fact that when it was done, I cut 1/4 of the roast with the grain so glad I caught myself early!




I got a small one to try out for the first time


Marinated and injected with Au Jus and rubbed it down with Montreal Steak


22.5 Kettle using RO lump for fuel and just a small chunk of Hickory 


Time to pull and rest


Ready for slicing


Sliced it up (the woman likes it well done obviously lol)


Good Roast Beef Sandwich with Horseradish Sauce on Fresh Sourdough


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The grain looks pretty straight on that one.  Glad you caught yourself, especially well done.


Some cuts the grain will curve around on you and make life even more of a beach.  LOL


Sounds like it turned out well and you made her happy!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Look good to me. Glad you caught the slicing error.
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Now thats what you are suppose to use a beef roast for sammies.

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Great looking sammie, Andrew!

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Great job Andrew!  Great color and a very nice smoke ring thumb1.gif



   Thanks for sharing your Qviewdrool.gif

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Looks real good Andrew!!!!


I love that Horseradish sauce too!!!



Thanks for showing!



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Lookin good! How was the texture? I've never done bottom round but the local grocer has em on sale.

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That some good looking food.

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Your beef looks good!....You said the Woman likes it well done...So next time...Smoke it to the Temp You like it...Start Slicing then POP Her's into some Simmering JUS while you continue to slice the rest!...You will add more flavor to you JUS to be served AU JUS and you BOTH are happy having the Perfect Doneness!...JJ

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JJ strikes again.


Ask him how the restaurants, meaning the decent ones, turn out their requests for well done prime rib.  Other than the end cuts, I mean.  LOL


Good luck and good smoking.

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Wink...Wink...That's a Secret!...Oh Wait, Darn it! icon_eek.gif...JJ

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Caught you Chef, didn't I?


Then again, I have seen worse things happen when a well done order came in?


Always great to see you, JJ.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Venture...I got a great Story about Prime Rib and a Clown trying to impress his Date with his Culinary Savvy...But I don't want to Hijack this thread...Check out Jokes...JJ

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PM me JJ, I don't see it in that forum yet.


Have a great morning! I gotta get some sleep.  LOL


Good luck and good smoking.

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Well Done Prime Rib????


I would recommend it be served with a whack upside the head!


Just sayin'



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