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Update on Beer B-Q Paul 11/7

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I spoke to Kathryn for about 30 minutes today and things seem to be improving a bit. He had gained about 40 # in the other hospital from the drugs and inactivity so they had a hell of a time moving him around. He is now in a rehab facility and is getting much better treatment.

During his several falls, he hurt his knee so they did an XRAY of that today to see if they can figure out what is wrong. He also hurt his big toe somehow and the nail is all black and he will most likely loose it.
He has a big water blister on his leg from the fall so they are trying to keep it from bursting and getting infected.

Regarding the MAS - these doctors want to wait a few days and take another XRAY as they think it could have been a blood clot that his body may have healed from when he bumped into something before going to the hospital.

She really wanted me to thank all of you for the thoughts and prayers for both of them. I expect I will hear from her in a couple of days and will keep you all posted.   

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Thanks for the update Gary. It seems like it's all good from here. Except he'll have to go on a diet & loose that 40#. Bummer. Please give him & his wife our best! He is still in our thoughts & prayers.

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Thanks for keeping us informed Gary.
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Thanks Gary for keeping us updated.

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Gary, I really appreciate you keeping us apprised of Paul's condition. We will certainly keep the prayers headed upward until he is back on his feet again and in better health.

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Thanks Gary
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Trish and I are still sending prayers. We hope it turns out to be OK and he improves with the Rehab.


Stan and Trish   aka   oldschool

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Thanks for the update and prayers are sent

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More prayers for a great guy.


Hope this works out better.

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