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What to do with this cut?

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Hey All!


I went to Sam's Club over the weekend, and spotted a "Beef Prime Whole Top Butt Cov" in the meat case? I was wondering can this be cut down to smaller tender parts...perhaps steaks and kabob meat? I bought a "Round Sirloin Tip Roast" from Sam's awhile back to make kabob meat, and it worked out pretty well.


Thanks for your help!

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We were just talking about Smoking a Top Butt for slicing...Pops should be along with Full Details...You have a Pic you can post?...JJ

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Boy I wish our Sam's had more cuts of meat like yours does. The meat they have is real good, but not a lot of selection.

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I wish I had a Sam's!!!!!

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Where are you located, what was the price?  (Inquiring minds want to know...)

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I'm in Kansas City. I'll have to check on the price for you.

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Until Pops gets here, you might enjoy this info regarding your top sirloin cut:


Good luck and good smoking.

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It almost sounds like a clod of beef to me. It could even be another sirloin tip of sorts. I would treat it like a sirloin tip. Can you post a picture of it that would be alot easier to tell what it is.

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Top Sirloin Butt:






it's the boneless sirloin steak section of the beef loin - yum!  The last three letters: COV - stand for Cry-O-Vac, the method of packaging it is in.


The full cut boneless sirloin steak from the whole top butt:


sirloin steak.jpg

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Pops has you covered.


Don't forget the Qview biggrin.gif

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Thanks Guys!

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