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Pulled pork for the Deer Shack w/ Qview

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I took the ecourse and now have applied my learnin'!  I picked up 15 pounds of boneless pork shoulder from the local grocery and rubbed it down with some yellow mustard and Jeff's rib rub.  Placed the two butts in separate pans, and loaded them into my MES 40 at 230 degrees at around 7:30 PM last Thursday.  I had sick little helper so I was off work Friday.  I smoked them using cherry and hickory chips (my amnps came in the mail Friday after the butts were done.  THANKS TODD!!!  I CAN'T WAIT TO TRY IT OUT!!!!!) for about the first 4 hours.  Once they hit 140 degrees, I foiled the pans and went to bed.  Got up at 6:30 the next morning as the wife was getting ready for work and the butts were at 180 degrees.  They climbed slowly throughout the morning until they hit 185.  Then came the dreaded "plateau".  They sat at 185 from about 8 until 12:30 pm.  As the whole family was going to be heading to my in laws for deer season opener later that afternoon, I bumped the heat up in the MES to 275.  Finally, at about 2:45 pm, they hit 200 degrees.  I pulled them from the smoker and let them sit until about 3:30.  That didn't leave me a lot of time to pull it so I decided to hold off on pulling it until the next day.  I placed each butt in a separate tupperware container with its juices and into the cooler they went (along with the pastrami and rare roast beef I had smoked the week previous) and we headed to the in laws.  The next day, my beautiful wife took care of scraping the fat that had congealed on top of the au jus and pulling the pork.  The guys at the deer shack were very happy with the final product and they really enjoyed the pastrami and roast beef.  I am thinking may some ABTs for next weekend!!


And so it begins.....



All rubbed up and ready for some smoke






Smoked to 140 degrees and ready for the foil



Finally hit 200 just over 19 hours from start






In the mean time........   I received my very own A-Maze-N Pellet Smoker!!  I'm so happy!!! yahoo.gif



And I bagged my second doe of the year, first one with my new Savage .270!!



And thanks to my wonderful wife, here is the finished product.  It was so tasty, no bbq sauce was needed!



Thanks for looking!



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A couple of good looking boys you got there Fish!


The PP looks delicious too!

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That PP turned out lookin very good.


Nice hit on the doe also.



Happy Smokin'



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Excellent Job, Bigfish:

On getting your second deer------

On making some Great Pulled Pork--------

And on making some fine little guys!!! (with a little help from Mom)  biggrin.gif




Thanks for showing,


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Everything looks great there Fish. I really like the deer that ones pretty good size.

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Great job on the pork and congrats on the deer!!

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Good Job Bro...Great Pics and Congrats on the Doe!..JJ

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Nice job on the PP and the Doe...Your little guys look real happy about it all...

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Thumbs up all the way around on that post 241.png.

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