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First time breakfast fattie

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I was just curious, I have been looking through what seems like thousands of fattie threads, and havent answered my own question yet. When preparing any fattie with egg in it, is the egg raw or cooked already, and does it matter and why? If they are raw, what a typical amount per package of JD sausage? Thanks everyone. Gonna try a breakfast fattie, and an italian themed, maybe some thinnly sliced leg of lamb (leftovers), olives, feta, some fresh greens.. um. Hope it works out!

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Defiantly cook the egg before rolling the fattie. It doesn't get hot enough fast enough to cook an egg inside. 

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Cook the eggs defiantly I scramble mine with onion , pepper , jalapeno and a lill s&p

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Scramble the eggs & you can use your imagination & put anything you want in them.

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Anyone ever tried to soft boil a few eggs and stick them in whole? I might give it a shot next time. I love a runny yolk, think it would be awesome in a fatty!!

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The one caution I have for eggs is do not add milk or water to the scramble - the two times I tried it the eggs were really watery in the fattie after cooking. When I do them without milk or water they come out fine. Anyone else had this experience?  

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