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Pork Spares and a Shoulder on the Yoder w/ (Q-view)

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The wife and I welcomed our second son into the family on the 30th of October @ 1023hrs.  Mama and baby are both at 100%.  Finally got them home after about 24hrs.  We invited both sets of grandparents over for show and tell, so daddy decided to put some heat in the pit to celebrate:)  Quick trip to Winco and I had a big bag of pork spares and a 6.5# shoulder in my possession.  Trimmed up the spares St Louis style.  Rubbed down the spares and the shoulder with mustard and a nice coat of our favorite seasonings.  Wrapped everything up in cellophane and let them mellow over night in the fridge.  Up early the next morning and got the fire going.  The ribs got the classic 3-2-1, and the shoulder went till 205 internal.  Straight low and slow without foil this go around.  Cooked everything using splits of almond for fuel.  Spritzed all the meat hourly w/ apple juice.  Enjoy...



Shoulder rubbed down and in the pit @ 0800hrs.



Ribs joined the party @ 1100hrs w/ the shoulder already looking great.




Ribs @ 3hrs and ready for foil.  Shoulder @ 6hrs.




Ribs lightly sauced the last hour and ready to be pulled.  Shoulder went for another hour for a 10hr total cook.




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Hope you like...





Picture 190.jpg

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More Bearview;)


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Great looking smoke and what a good looking boy  congratulations !!!!

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Looks Great!! Congrats!!


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Ribs & Pulled Pork look Great !!!!


And BearViews don't come any cuter than that little sleeper!!!!





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Congrats! Great pics all around.

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Dude you do NICE work...and the Meat looks good too! Congrats to you and the Mrs....JJ

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Great looking ribs & PP.


Congrats to you & your wife on the new addition!


I'm thinking you need to get back to work, you need a little girl around there now!

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All I can say is Excellent Job!!


The Ribs looked great, the PP looked great


And that Youngun' looks great. Congrats to you both.


Happy Smokin'



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