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Rack of Pork inspired by teebob2000

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I had to try one of these after seeing teebob's.  Picked mine up at Costco the other day. 


rack of pork 001.jpg


It was quite windy.  Smoker temps around 215.  Hickory chunks.  Masterbuilt Propane 30".


Rubbed it with my quick rub of Kirkland Organic No Salt Spice Mix, Turbinado sugar, and a bit of Kosher salt.


rack of pork 005.jpg


rack of pork 004.jpg


4 hours and an IT of 145.  It definitely needed to get crispy. 


rack of pork 006.jpg


I opted for the broiler in the oven.  I didn't want any spice getting stuck to the grill.  The fat split and pulled anyway, but it came out awesome!  IT of 150, and wrapped to rest for an hour on the stove top.  No blankets or cooler.  I pulled the probe out, so I don't know what the temp went up to while resting. 




rack of pork 007.jpg


With flash:


rack of pork 009.jpg


No flash:


rack of pork 010.jpg


Plated with zucchini, and a baked sweet 'tater.  Drizzled with au jus from the foil.  I did not spritz it, so that is just the natural jus.


rack of pork 011.jpg


Just like teebob's, this thing was incredible!  Super moist, (thanks to the 10% solution)  very tender, and loaded with flavor!  I highly recommend these while they are available.  Costco usually only has them through the holidays.


Thanks for the inspiration teebob!

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Looks great Scooper.  That is some really juicy lookin pork.


I would like to try one of those but I don't think we have a 

Costco around here. Maybe Sams will have one.



Happy Smokin'



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Awesome Scooper!


Guess I'm gonna have to make the long drive to Costco's.


Sam's doesn't carry them.

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Very nice there Scooper. I have smoked a couple of thoses and they always come out good too.

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That looks PERFECT !!!


Nice Plate Too !!!!


Making me hungry!!!!




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