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My Wife Inhereted a Dutch Oven

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I never dreamed I'd be in this section of Smokingmeatforums but here I am. 

My mother-in-law decided to move into assisted living and is handing out her stuff. Well we ended up with a Dutch Oven. 

I can't wait to get into some of these recipes. LOL. 

Like I did when I first started smokin, I'll probably be askin a lot of questions. 




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Make a peach cobbler and send me some!

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They make great cobblers and I also make bread in one of mine..They are a different way of life and you will enjoy the cook in one..

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Cobblers are great to start with in the DO.
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Craig (fpnmf) has some great DO recipes. I just had some of his blueberry cobbler yesterday! PM him, I'm sure he will give you an easy one to start with.

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Those are so fun to use. You are going to love it. Man I have not used mine in years - need to dig it out  

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Silverwolf, good ideas the guys suggested, I use mine alot for Beans and Stews.So easy too,just start with your DO warmed up and throw(basically) in ingredients and cover her up.Almost like a slow cooker.And if you put it in your Smoker(uncovered for 30 min.or so,you get a great smoky flavor.)


You will be told,DO NOT WASH WITH SOAPY WATER, rinse after use and wipe out the inside to clean,put a 'lite' coat of oil on it and heat to dry the oil some and get it build up your coating.


Have fun with it and... 

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Congrats!  You will love that thing.  I use ours all the time and I enjoy it knowing its history, too!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Sound great gang. Thanks



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  Great site!!



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