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tuff layer

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I did chicken breast this evening, I kept it pretty close to 275 until the 2hr mark when I checked the internal temp, (lead on digital thermo broke.) The outside layer of the breast was similar to sausage casing, she doesn't do sausagesicon_cry.gif. Is there a way to avoid that? My kids and I loved it, just looking for a way to appease the misses.


PS I finished last 20 min in oven, but it already had the tough layer.


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Some have suggested to me to cook between 300 & 375. I have and have hit and miss with the skin being bite through. Try it without the skin and see if you guys like that.

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Apologize for not being more clear. I meant to say that it was skinless and the outer most layer of meat was dried and jerky almost. The casing comment was in reference to the popping sound when you bite into a brat, the skinless breasts did that. thats the part the misses dislikes and the reason for asking. The meat inside was moist and perfect in my opinion. I just don't have the final say. Thanks for quick response.


PS i'll try hotter next time

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Yeah try it hotter, I did some skinless but I gave them aways as unplanned gifts and the feedback was great.

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Do skin on and then peal the skin off when ready to eat. Or wrap in Bacon yahoo.gif
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If you were to wrap in bacon...?




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Originally Posted by So MS Smoker View Post

If you were to wrap in bacon...?


If you wrap in bacon it provides a protective layer to the chicken helping with the tuff outer layer just like the skin does. It also adds some great flavor.
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Wrapping in bacon sounds great, so I ran it by the misses. I did not get the response I was hoping for. I probably will be trying the skin on till the plate idea (atleast until she travels.) Thank you

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Yep, Budd's got it down for yabiggrin.gif

Have fun and...

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Did you brine the chicken? If not that will help some also.
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I didn't brine, and normally do even if just roasting in oven. It completely slipped my mind this time.

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Skin On is the best way to go then remove it...If Skinless is all you got, a quick spritzing with a blend of Chix Broth and/or Apple Juice mixed with some of your rub, will help but your cook time will go up from opening the Smoker...JJ

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Try a little BBQ sauce on the outside before you put it in the smoker, then mop it a couple of times. I like to cook mine in a aluminum pan also.

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I just always buy the skin on chicken, then remove when done. We all pile it on the wife's plate, she loves the skin.



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I always buy skin on chicken. If you want to you could always grill the chicken on a regular grill to crisp the skin.

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Sounds like you have your answer. Chicken is gonna need something to protect it from the intense heat. If she won't go for bacon, try turkey bacon. Or, try slathering with mustard and dredging in bread crumbs. then spritz with a little non stick spray or olive oilt. Bake like usual. It'll end up tasting almost fried, without 90% of the associated fat.

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Thanks for the help, I will be trying a few things you have mentioned

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