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New here, making jerkey today

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I bought a Masterbuilt propane smokehouse from BPS last week.


So far I have smoked pork meat (rib meat off the bone), chicken, salmon and today jerkey - tonight: beer can chicken


I just checked the jerkey and the only thing I dont like is low temp regulation on the oven and gauge sux.  I will buy a couple of tel-tru gauges and mount them on my oven.  Are tel-tru a real good gauge?


With the burner on its lowest setting I cant get below 200 degF even with the damper full open.  I would like to regulate down to 175 degF reliably.  Should I add more dampers?


Now that I have the Masterbuilt home and using it, I think I under-bought and should have bought something nicer.  This will work for now.


I used Hi Mountain seasoning and my weston jerkey gun.  I will give the meat the bend/break test in 30 minutes but expect to be done in about 45 minutes from now.



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welcome1.gif  I would try and get the temp as low as possible and just keep an eye on it so it doesn't dry out too much.  A lot of guys use the Maverick digital thermometers and I find they work great!  Good luck and post some pics if you have a chance!

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Can you crack the door open to let some heat out getting you closer to 175?

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When I used my Smoke Vault (gas) for sausage, I had to continually open the door to keep the temp down. I didn't leave it open, but every time you do that you loose the smoke too. So I bought a MES just for sausage & bacon.

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Ditto on what the others are saying

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