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I like smoked cheese it's thewait that hard to deal with tho

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Todd yeah when I lit the pellets during the "day", they burned right through.  Perhaps night coolness stops the draft.  Soooo, since I also have 40 lbs of perfect mix, I might just go with that and forget messing with the apple-maple blend during the fall/winter months.  I am itching to smoke some sharp cheddar, so perhaps I will do some testing this week.  Night-time smoking works for me because I can just light it and forget it.

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Another question on your process.... are you leaving your cheese pieces in the fridge to air dry before you smoke?  Much like salmon and bacon, if you don't get that pellicle, something funky happens to the surface when you it doesn't stick.


The only other thing I could be concerned about is what beer you are drinking  haha.



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Now that is something I forgot alllll about. I have not been getting that tougher skin on it. JEESH, just put a test batch in too. Oh well, at least now I now what to look for and try and correct.


Thx a million MidTownBistro


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Originally Posted by midtownbistro View Post

Final product.


mozzarella finished.JPGmozzarella finished2.JPG


We had a great day here in Ohio so I cut the lawn.  Just finished up the cheese now.  Now to vacuum seal and toss them in the freezer for whenever.  Thank goodness I have a couple packs that have been in the freezer for a month or so.  So I can eat something good today!

Good looking cheese!
Freezer or fridge? I put mine in the fridge for 2 weeks vacuum sealed.



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Freezer or fridge?  I have done both.  As long as you vacuum seal it, it does not seem to matter one bit.  The only problem with refrigerated cheese is you will me more likely to eat it quicker.  The problem with freezing cheese is you will smoke it again (because its more fun) then realize you have cheese still in the freezer.


One recommendation if you are going to Costco or Sams Club to buy 5lb logs of cheese is to purchase what is called a "cheese blocker".  Commercial ones are available on ebay (used) for ~$50.  New commercial ones are really expensive.  It makes blocking cheese (cutting) very easy and all your pieces come out the same size and regular.  Using a kitchen knife to cut cheese into blocks can be very dangerous and often deforms the shape as you cut.

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Did you try the next batch yet?


I found bulk sharp cheddar cheese at Sams Club ($10 for 5lbs).

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Originally Posted by Chef JimmyJ View Post

I told Mrs. J that when I could cold smoke I wanted to do Cheese and wanted to buy a Cheese slicer....She started Laughing and yelled, "Yeah like YOU need any help CUTTING THE CHEESE!"...JJ

From what I hear no truer words have ever been spoken!


Great looking Cheese smoke!!  

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