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How to improve a Brinkman Electric smoker?

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I am relatively new to the smoking game.  I have done several batches of jerky & some already prepared sausage on my grill.  I was also talked into doing a full packer brisket on my In-Laws new Char-Broil vertical propane smoker.  Brisket turned out pretty good, could have been more tender, nobody stopped eating to complain so it passed the family test.


After doing the brisket I started looking for a smoker to purchase in the spring.  Last week my mother in law calls & says that when they come over for Thanksgiving, they are bringing me their old Brinkman electric smoker.  Doing some research, I figured out it is a single wall vertical can.  It has a 1500 watt heating element surrounded by ceramic Briquettes.  I don't believe the heating element has any controls on it.


I know there is no such thing as a free horse, so here goes.


My question is how do I improve this smokers performance & versatility?

I am figuring on insulating the body & the lid.

Adding a control for the heating element. Probably a rheostat if I can find one big enough.

I read using extra ceramic briquettes helps thing out.

Adding spots for extra racks, it only has two currently.

I may have to add a door to make adding wood easier than disassembling the whole thing.


Is it worth it, or should I keep looking around?


Thanks for your comments & ideas.



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Don, Use the search & there are a ton of mods for that smoker. It will produce great Q, but will require a little work to get it ready & some babysitting once it's running.

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