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Nice brisket...real nice. I love the Sierras I used to hang out in Bridgeport ALOT ! Sorry about your horse . Thats a real nice pic...

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Nice yummy looking Brisket. Think you got a winner there!!




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Nice looking brisket you have there and the smoker is nice too.

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Seeing the pics of the Mountains brought back memorys. Then i seen you said Inyo county.  I lived in Ridgecrest Ca for years, right by China Lake weapons base. Worked for SCE while I lived there

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Turned out better than I had expected.  The very end of the flat was a touch dry but barely.  If I were to do it again (and I will), I'd probably separate the point and flat at 170, and foil the flat.


The smoke ring was very thin.  Not sure why.  The tri-tips that I've done had 1/4" smoke rings.  Maybe it was the humidity--I kept the water pan full for the brisket, but smoked the tips dry.


Either way, it was great and I am vacuum sealing the leftovers.  Appreciate this forum so much.  Good people.  Thanks!

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Glad everything worked out.. looks awesome.. next time start with fat cap up and leave it that way. I also wouldn't put it in a pan of water. put the pan UNDER the grate that way smokes gets all sides...

good job
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Looks like it went well. As far as the smoke ring...what temp was the brisker when you put in the smoker? It's not recommended, but if meat is cool when it goes in, it seems the smoke ring is more pronounced in the end.

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Thanks, guys.  I didn't put it in a pan of water.  Just a foiled pan.  The liquid in the pan is fat from the fat cap.


Thunder, the brisket was at about 50 degrees when I put it in.  I'm not too bothered by the lack of smoke ring since it tastes great.


I've got a couple more briskets aging and am going to make pastrami out of them.  Can't wait!


Thanks again, everyone.

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Reheating in bacon fat, tasty!

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BTW, left-over brisket slices re-warmed in a pan of hot bacon grease is...pretty amazing stuff!

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What doesn't taste good in bacon grease?



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that is an awsome pic of the horsey and the mtns behind......thumb1%20copy.gif

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Looks great!  Gotta love the brisket smokes. 

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Turnip, what an outstanding job on your first brisket!  Beautiful color, all the right steps, and patience to boot.  You're gonna be tough to beat if this is your first brisket.


I have friends that have cooked for years that have not done such good work.  CONGRATS!



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Love it!  How about that setting for the First Annual Sierra Nevadas High Mountain Cook off? Quite the back drop. Keep it up!  Rake some meat!

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I saw that Beautiful picture of the mountains, and forgot for a minute, what you were smoking!!!!



Great idea---reheating in Bacon Fat!!!!





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All of your pics were really good...The mountains and the brisket look amazing! Thank you for sharing!
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wow...what a view! can't decide whether I'm more jealous of that or the brisket! 

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Man, Turnip... what a view to wake up to every morning.

I hope you don't use that sleeping bag... next time you may wake up to something that looks suspiciously like your avatar licking your toes!


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You guys are sure great to read. Very helpful, can't wait to fire up my smoker. I do need some help with the lingo.

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