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Smoke Vault Packer w/Q

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New smoker here.  Got the Smoke Vault about a month ago and have done some tri-tip, butt, and chicken.  Seems to work pretty good.  This is my first brisket, a full packer that I bought last month.  It's been "aging" in the cryovac in the fridge.  It's only "select" grade, the only thing I could find near me, and I figured letting it age might help it.





Rinsed it off well, and let it hang on a nearby fence post while I gathered my spices.





Rubbed with black pepper, Kosher salt, garlic "granules" (larger than typical granulated garlic), and granulated onion.





Put it in the Smoke Vault 24 after filling up the water and wood pans.  About 80:20 hickory:almond.





I have grate level and meat probes and am smoking at 250.  I actually have the thermometer brain set on a small wood clamp on the glass atop the smoker (not just the glass as you see).  I've noticed the thermometer is a little temperamental about synching with the remote, and sometimes lose the signal in the house.  But it's better than the alternative.


I may or may not foil when the meat temp reaches 170.  I probably will, and then unwrap it again to improve the bark.


Thanks for reading and for this great forum.  Learning a lot here!

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Looks like a great start !!!
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Looks very nice! I love the fence post technique!
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Looks good. Where in the Sierra's are you. Im north in the High Sierra's.

On the wireless thermometer I have had that issue before but its usually when the batteries are getting low.

Cant wait to see the finished product.
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Thanks for the kind comments.  I may regret starting at 11 AM and those big garlic granules might make the bark kind of "interesting" 33.gif


Hi, bmudd, I'm in Inyo County on the eastern side of the Sierras.  I'm at 6000 feet and the crazy thing is this county has the highest and lowest elevations in the lower 48 (Mount Whitney and Death Valley).  Here's a pic of my ex-horse (died from colic a couple years ago, unfortunately, but a nice picture of the beautiful mountains here).





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Added more water and hickory chunks to the Vault at internal brisket temp of 154.  Was thinking of flipping it so the fat side would be up, but it seemed happy so I left it alone.







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You really are blessed!

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Thanks, Frizzlefry.  I can't afford land here and just rent a small place, but I do feel blessed.


I was thinking of splitting the tip from the flat, and then flipping the flat in the fat that's accumulated in the pan, to keep it from drying out.  Not sure what to do since this is my first.  Probably will just leave the whole thing alone till it's done, and adjust things next time.


Brisket has been stuck at 151-154 for the past couple hours.  Gonna be a long nite! 

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welcome1.gifTurnip. Glad you joined us.Nice looking Brisket, should be a nice 12 to 15hr. ride. Keep us posted of the results I got my drink and ready to watchicon14.gif


I love long smokes:


Betty 014.JPG


I just do a bunch at a time:


Betty 004.JPG


Have fun here and.........

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oldschool, thanks!  I read the entire brisket sticky and your posts at the end stuck with me. 


Not going to foil or do anything but keep the smoker temp steady and wait.


and wait....


and wait...





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The one thing I would have done wa sput the fat cap up. So when it renders down it will go into the meat and keep it moist. Your in for a long ride so grab another beer and enjoy
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Your Brisket looks awesome!!  I love the picture of the mountains. 

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Originally Posted by JckDanls 07 View Post

The one thing I would have done wa sput the fat cap up. So when it renders down it will go into the meat and keep it moist. Your in for a long ride so grab another beer and enjoy

I said I was going to let it alone, but think I'll flip it like you suggest.  I've been trying to figure out how high altitude will affect my smokes (I'm at 6000 feet).  Seems the meat will cook more slowly, but dry out faster (water boils at around 200 degrees here).


So, flipping it to put the cap up and the other side in the accumulated rendered fat should help.


Thanks for the idea.



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Hope this isn't too boring, it at least helps me document what I'm doing 439.gif


Flipped the beast about two hours ago per JckDanls suggestion.  So the fat cap is now UP, and the other side (that's more vulnerable to drying out) is now immersed in hot liquid fat.


Temp is now 180 internal.  Did a quick water tray fill-up, and snapped a quicker pic.  Not sure why it is so red.  I didn't use any paprika or chilli powder.  I'm thinking it is the chemical reaction between the meat and smoke, the thing that creates the smoke ring, that did this. 


In any case, I think it's going pretty well but am not sure when I will finally pull it and put it in the cooler.  I have read about waiting until a probe slides into the thickest part without resistance, and will try that.  Or pull it at 200, unless I fall asleep.







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Was getting antsy at 196.  At 198 I went out to probe the beast.  Had an extra probe and it slid in to the tip and flat with no resistance.


So I immediately pulled the packer and foiled it.  Then stuck it in a cooler (with my sleeping bag).  Thought they would both fit in my small cooler, but had to go with the larger one.




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Is it done yet? popcorn.gif

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Yes, it's done.  I posted pics but they are awaiting moderation (since I am new).

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Posted something before this, with pics (awaiting moderation since I am new).   I pulled the brisket at 198.  At that point I could push the temp probe through all parts of it with no resistance.  So I  figured it was good.  Wrapped it up in foil and then put it in my cooler (with my sleeping bag).


I guess I'll have it for breakfast icon_redface.gif


Next time I'll plan better!




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Its always dinner time in some time zone or another.

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Man that brisket looks beautiful!


Amazing color!

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