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Finally Retired (after a couple of failed attempts) - Page 2

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Good on ya!!


  I like being retired...


   Takes a little getting used to..




post #22 of 36 you have all that extra time to help people like me that just cant seem to get it LOL





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Finally, now can I welcome you to the retired ranks????????  As has been mentioned before, once you get into the swing of retirement, you'll wonder how you had time to go to work.  Now you can write that cookbook for teenagers.  You know you've wanted to, now you can.

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Congratulations Gary! You now should have plenty of time to take pics of that outdoor kitchen to share with us. biggrin.gif

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Well it won't belong before you start missing your week-ends and holidaysyahoo.gif

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congrats on your retirement Gary...........enjoy and happy smoking



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Good for you Gary.  When I was young I always said I would never want to retire.  Now, mid-50's.....oh, how I would love to be retired and have the time to pursue things I want to, just because I can.      Enjoy your time.


Love the sunrise shot idea!

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Congrats Gary. Glad you made it.


Remember, don't sleep too much, you worked for this time all your life.

Too many things to do now.


Congrats again.




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Happy Official Retirement My Friend!!




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Congratulations, and happy smoking in your retirement! 

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Thanks to everyone for the kind words - I am looking forward to this part of the adventure

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they say the 3rd time is the charm...............congrats and enjoy gary!

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Congrats Gary now go do like Jerry said. Pack up the RV and come see us at his Farm/ ranch/ huntin Cabin in april it will be fun believe me.

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Hope it takes this time for you...enjoy the time. Just gave up my Monday shift so now down to weekends only and starting to resent Having the whole week off is, so far, lots to do and sometimes just do nothing. Looking forward to bagging it totally....

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Way to go Gary!!!!!


I knew you could do it !!!!----No Sweat !!!!




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It's going to be Boring...but then you have a hobby-SMOKING-now you have more time for itbiggrin.gif

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