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Adding to our arsenal

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Our order came in tonight from Todd..Once again its was OUTSTANDING service.

But here is what came in this time.


Thought I would show pics this time as OldSchool razzed me last time about it LOL..I had enough forthought to take a couple before we just started ripping into boxes like it was christmas morning.

New Equipment 002.jpg


Good Pic of my haul this time from Amazen Products. I was really on the fence about dust or pellets. Talked to Todd about it for about 20 mins. In the end hooked me up with a really good price on it.


New Equipment 003.jpg


All our Mavericks set up and getting ready for the boil test


New Equipment 004.jpg


Boil test complete 1 & 4 ran 210   2 & 3 had to be difficult and run 210 on the food  208 on the bbq least we know now and can compensate.


Thanks again Todd your the man.



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Looks like your all set!

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They look cool all lined up!




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Nice haul Dave.  One thing to watch if you are using multiple ET732's is keep an eye on the temps, at least when you start.  I have two sets and when I was checking my offset to see what the temp difference was across the grate I thought it was funny that both were reading exactly the same, thought damn I did a good job on the mods.  Finally dawned on me the receivers were both reading the same base unit.  I shut off one set, waited a bit and then restarted and they were then different.



This is how I had the probes arranged, also had a third set I had for awhile.



Hard to see but they are both reading the same.




Real temps after I shut off the unit on the left and restarted.





Just a FYI



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There ya go Dave, now yor're set, got mine tooyahoo.gif.


Have fun and.......

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Thanks gary, Yea I thought of that when I did the boil test. All ours seemed ok, only one temp at a time but something to definetly watch in the future.


Thx again for everything Todd


Thx OldSchool

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Nice! I am ordering my first AMNPS tonight! I will have to post some pics when I get mine too!

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You're welcome , Tailgate. You got me bested though,you got 4 AND an AMNPSicon_eek.gif . 


Squeezing that 732 out was hard enough, I'll have to continue to coldsmoking the old way,frown.gif.


Darn disability, my allowance dropped drastically when that came about , oh well pot.gif ...

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Does anyone make a single unit that will read multiple probes?

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