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char griller smoking pro with firebox

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looking to add one of these to my equipment  and would appreciate input from Owners to see how you like it


thanks in advance

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I'de like to help ya out but mine is minus the SFB. I did the mod to the exhuast vent (added 3" dryer vent down to grate level. I just bent the sides in/out to make the lid fit a little tighter. Didn't go the oven door rope deal as it sealed up pretty good just bending the sides. I made a little charcoal basket to fit at one end. It does have some air leak issues as far as trying to shut it down, So I just use the amount of charcoal I need to maintain temps @ 225. sorry I couldn't give advise about the SFB tho. I'm not sure I want one as it will use a LOT MORE fuel than what my little basket uses...

HMMMMM... can't find my pictures of it.. oh well.. there's one in my profile
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If ya get one, ya have to do the common mods.


You can get some great smokes off them.


They will not be as fuel efficient as an upright, and they will take more fire tending, but getting food on and off them is easier.


Any smoker is a compromise.  Try to figure out how you will use it?  Large family vs small family. Parties vs personal use.


Enjoy the ride!


Good luck and good smoking.

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For the price (170ish on line Wal-Mart) I think it one of the best off the shielf. If you do every mob you can find + a few you won't find it can be a very good smoker. One mod that I came up with is to line the cooking chamber with 10 layer of HD aluminum foil, I couldn't believe how well it work. I also made a propane pipe burner that I can replace the ash pan with. It works great for doing long cooks, like butts. for ribs and chicken I remove the propane pan and slip the ash pan back in so I can use charcoal.


You can cook 5 7pound butts or 35 chicken thighs at one time. I know because I just did it.

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Do you have pics of those mods Tom C? I have the Char-Griller Duo. I did a bunch of mods to it and it works very well. You do have to watch it though. It is not a set it and forget type deal. But it is the old school way. Search Char griller mods and you will find a bunch of info and opinions.

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