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firing up the smoker

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so im firing up the smoking right now its getting up to temp  going to smoke ribs today    i built my smoker out of a old upright freezer

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Sounds good!  Don't forget to snap some pictures!!

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well if i knew how to take them off my phone and upload them i would but idk  im having a problem with temp right now

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Good luck!

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not having any luck i had to put  the ribs on the grill they have been out  to long and dont want to spoil   cant get my smoker up to temp

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I do ribs in my Weber kettle grill all the time. I think they are as good as they are in my smoker. If you have a gas grill just put some chips in a foil pouch & punch some holes in it & then throw it in over a burner. If your grill is charcoal just throw a couple of chunks on the charcoal. Either way you'll have smoked ribs.

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