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Rôti Sans Pareil – Roast Without Equal or how to bone out a Turkey

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While at college we was taught a lot of nifty tricks of the trade (Butchering) that have seemed to have been lost over the years due to peoples taste as well as mass production.


There came on the seen some years ago which most people in North America believed that some Chef had created a new dish  --- a Turducken, back in the UK (mid 60s) we had been doing what I was taught called a Turkey Royal (6 + de-boned birds). Upon checking in the early 80s I came across Rôti Sans Pareil – Roast Without Equal


I normally made between 60 - 100 every Christmas any where from 14 lbs to 35 lbs. The first one takes 1 1/2 hours from begging to end by time I got to the third one I was down to 3/4 hour.


The following are the steps I go through to what you have seen as the end product



turkey 1.JPG

The start


turkey 3.JPG



Popes nose off and starting to bone from the arse end

turkey 6.JPG

Starting to peel away from the back bone using a cloth/rag or in my case my glove
Meat peels away leaving bone clean.


turkey 9.JPG


Peeled down the leg sockets


turkey 10.JPG


Left side leg joint popped


turkey 11.JPG

Tip of knife cutting tendon in right leg socket


turkey 12.JPG

Popped open and with the down pressure continue to pull meat away from back bone


turkey 13.JPG


Legs are both out, back bone cleaned to just about the neck line


turkey 15.JPG

Starting on the neck end by first cleaning across the back bone


turkey 16.JPG

Getting ready the separate the wings from the carcase. Notice the white the white circle of fat in the meat? This is the site of the joint.


turkey 17.JPG

Wing separated from the carcase


turkey 18.JPG

Starting to work on the wish bone as well as the flat bone that lays along side of the back bone


turkey 19.JPG

Ready to twist off


turkey 20.JPG

Twisting off


turkey 21.JPG

Next is the bone that attaches the wing to the back bone


turkey 22.JPG

Twist and pull


turkey 23.JPG



turkey 24.JPG

Easy peesy




turkey 26.JPG

Both sides done

turkey 27.JPG


Wish bones next


turkey 28.JPG

Making sure that the back bone is cleaned away from the meat so it is ready to pull out from the arse end


turkey 29.JPG

Pulling the cleaned back bone out leaving the breast bone inside as the two will break apart where the ribs attach to the back bone


turkey 30.JPG

Back bone out


turkey 34.JPG

Working on the breast bone, peeling the meat away


turkey 35.JPG

Both sides done and ready to pull away from meat


turkey 36.JPG

The start of the pull


turkey 37.JPG

The end of the pull


turkey 38.JPG

Wings next


turkey 39.JPG

Clean the top of the Humerus joint scraping along the bone to start the cleaning. Once started using a cloth or in my case my glove. Finger and thumb circle bone pushing down while pulling on the top of the bone with the other hand thus cleaning the meat away from the bone.

turkey 40.JPG



turkey 41.JPG

Popping the joint of the Humerus


turkey 42.JPG

Twist and pull


turkey 43.JPG

Next the Radius and Ulna


turkey 44.JPG

Separating the joint so not to cut through the skin


turkey 45.JPG

Cleaning the joint ends of the Radius and Ulna


turkey 46.JPG

Scraping down the bone


turkey 47.JPG

Both bones cleaned the same way as the ---- Humerus


turkey 48.JPG

Twist and pull


turkey 49.JPG

One side done


turkey 50.JPG

Legs next – just about done


turkey 51.JPG


Femur first, clean around the bone tend to relax here as this part is meaty


turkey 52.JPG


turkey 54.JPG


turkey 55.JPG

Twist and pop the joint cutting through the tendons


turkey 56.JPG

Another one out clean – 3 to go


turkey 57.JPG

The tricky part, need to clean around the knee joint without going through the skin


turkey 54.JPG

Just about done


turkey 58.JPG



turkey 59.JPG

The innards     on the outside


turkey 60.JPG



turkey 62.JPG


turkey 63.JPG

Stuffing ready so we can start to rebuild the poor bunny


turkey 65.JPG

Chicken breast


turkey 66.JPG

Breast with a good layer of dressing



turkey 67.JPG

Folded neat and tidy for the next stage


turkey 68.JPG

Duck breast


turkey 69.JPG

Duck breast with a good layer of dressing and the stuffed chicken breast on top waiting to be wrapped


turkey 70.JPG


turkey 71.JPG

Stuffed chicken breast completely encased within the duck breast


turkey 72.JPG


turkey 73.JPG

Stuffing the wings and crop


turkey 74.JPG

Tools of the trade (my mother was a seamstress)


turkey 75.JPG

On the home run


turkey 76.JPG

Legs stuffed – layer of dressing along the back bone (where it was) – chicken breast duck breast combination in place with a layer of dressing around it – ready for the final push or is that shove!!!


turkey 77.JPG

Nearly there


turkey 78.JPG





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Absolutely excellent tutorial!  Congratulations for the great Qviews and success in accomplishing the deboning!

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Awesome! I really want to try this for TG day this year.


Your tutorial will certainly help me a lot.


Thank-you so much for taking the time to do this for us!

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  Thanks for sharing!!



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         Great post,

   Thanks for sharing icon14.gif

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Thanks for

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Another great post Robert, thanks again

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Man....  I missed the one.... That sure is a lot of work.... looking at just de boning a turkey... Any pics of the turducken plated.....



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seriously though, I enjoyed following thru your pics, thanks for posting it

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Man that is awesome. Great tutorial. I just flagged this to see if we can make it a WIKI. Thanks for taking the time to do this.  

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Really cool tutorial, thanks for sharing!

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