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Beef rib membrane

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I'm not going to brag on how good my Beef ribs were, because I do not have a Qview............but I will ask about the membrane. I removed a lot of tough sinuis material from the inside of the ribs, but while eating these ribs, there seemed to be a tough material left. What did I do wrong or what did I miss. I've done lots of pork spares and have no problem removing that membrane.

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No clue but I'm bumping for you.

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I know what you mean. You take the membrane off & it seems like there is another one underneath that won't come off.


Pop's can probably answer this.

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Thanks for the bunp Teeznuts.

Al, Your response tells me others have the same problem, and I'm not loosing it. Hopefully Pops has the answer.....if there is one.

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OMG I may have figured it out. I had the same problem with beef ribs, my last ribs I did I used a spoon on EACH rib to lift the membrane, before I removed it. Then I went back to each rib and scraped it to be sure any membrane was broken.


These are my best Beef Ribs to date, no second membrane. 

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