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Beer Can Chicken, ribs, ABT with Q

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Beautiful day for smoking no? Love this weather.


used hunky meats general purpose rub for chicken, used jeffs rub for ribs, put a little hunky in the jalapeno shell, got my bird sittin on some Bud Hev


4 1/2 lb. bird brining


the bird ready to go, rubbed and poked...


the ribs


the ribs rubbed


the poppers


commence smoking


artistic macro shot haha


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This is sure to be a great meal for sure. Keep the thin blue rolling.

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Thread Starter saver! got it rolling with some 2 to 1 handfuls of cherry and oak in that order mixed, lets see how it comes out!

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Great start!

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Looking good!


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Look'in good

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niceee, finally finished, mid smoke pics



obviously had to reposition that thermo, anddd look at that cheese, nom.



the finished products




everything turned out amazn, those ribs were $10 well spent, very tasty, the poppers were excellent, by far one of my favorites and the best yet, that chicken, so juicy and the flavor was perfect, the thyme and rosemary from the brine were in every bite, this is by far one of my favorite smokes and my favorite flavors, like many others on here have said, i cant imagine eating that bird any other way now! now to finish the night off im hitting the casino with the boys from work to celebrate a birthday!



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Everything looks delicious, but that chicken is off the charts good looking!


Great job!          points.gif

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That is some really good lookin food.


I love a good chicken!!




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what temp did you cook those poppers and how long to they take

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ug, i ran the poppers @ 230 for 2 hours. I thought they were perfect, if they had gone any longer the peno's would have turned prune like which they did when i put them in the oven warmer, so 230 for 2 hours was perfect. i continued to cook everything at 235 after the poppers were done, once the ribs were done, i jacked it to 250 to finish off the chicken.

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