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Loooooong stall

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6.2lb butt........

started at 8am   

still 150 degrees for the last 2-3 hrs.....



What your longest stall???????

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Are you sure your thermometer is accurate? If so maybe try reprobing the meat and see what you get.

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Sounds like something is off.


What temp are you smoking at ?

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I had a pastrami stall at 174 for 6 hours last week. But they usually don't stall that long at 150. Are you smoking at 225 & do you have a good thermometer at the grate level for an accurate reading on the smoker temp?

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give a bit more info, That seems way off.  when did you probe first?

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It ended up being 16+ hours for less than a 6.5# butt.

I ran at 225 the whole time. I have two digital thermometers. I checked both at a boil after two hours into the stall. One was 212 and the other 213.

At the end both were in the meat as I was sure the smoker was holding good. I pulled at 170 and added apple juice in foil. It still took 3 hrs to hit 200.

All was great and moist.??????????

Wierd !!!!!!!


The ABT's cooked perfect in 2.5 hours?????

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They have a mind of their own.


I'm glad it came out good for you!

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That's right, buddy, you show that butt who's boss!!  biggrin.gif


How 'bout finished pix??

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Originally Posted by teebob2000 View Post

That's right, buddy, you show that butt who's boss!!  biggrin.gif


How 'bout finished pix??

long gone....sorry

23 teenagers and 8 adults at my daughters Halloween party......


6+lbs pulled pork

30 ABT's

30 hotdogs

5 bags of chips

48 home made Choc chip cookies

pan of home made brownies

and 3 cases of soda.....


Damn!!!!!! I didn't get nothing but a bite of the pork. (I did nail 6 ABT's though)



I tried the Jack Daniels oak chips. Strong smelling but didn't do much for me except burn quick!!!!!

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