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Is this brisky really almost done? SMOKING NOW

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Ok I'm doing my first packer. Separated the flat and the point pre-smoke. Injected and rubbed. Put in a 220* smoker with hickory. Started smoking at 7:30pm EST. The flat hit 165 at 1:30am (6 hrs). So I foiled the point and flat and threw back on the smoker. Smoker temp is holding around 207. It just hit 190. So that's a total smoke time of about 7.5 hours. The whole packer was 15.36 lb. when I bought it. I cut off a hefty amount of fat, but don't have a scale to weigh it. That 7.5 hours just seems like an awfully fast smoke. I don't have a probe in the point because, well, I only had one wireless probe. Thanks for any help. I guess I'm gonna go take it out and put it in a cooler.

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Seperated and trimmed, you seriously reduce the thickness...So that sounds about right...Temp is always more important than time...JJ

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If your probe goes in without any resistance it's done. I like to check them in several different spots with a toothpick. If you feel any resistance, it's not done. 

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X2 on Al's post.  I have had them finish at different temps.  They can be temperamental little critters.


Cook them short and they are tough.  Cook them too long and they dry out.  If the probe goes in like a hot knife through butter, get it off before it dries up.


Good luck and good smoking.

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