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Bow targets

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I know this is not a food post but it may help some get some.On old targets you can refurbish them with a can of great stuff spray foam.Just shove the tube of the nozzle in old arrow holes and fill.Just make sure it has time to cure cause it supper sticky when wet.I have done it for years it works and will save you some dollarsign.gif.

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Great Idea!  Thanks.

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That's an AWESOME idea!!!


I never thought of that, and we use it all the time on tower work.


Thanks Michael!!



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Hmm I might have to try that. I have  a foam target where the center is pretty wore out as the arrows almost go through the whole target when hit there. I'll see what happens. It doesn't have  a hole but the Styrofoam is just wore out. Do you think it will still work?

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Yes my target I 8yr old
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My Brother had an archery shop and we would cut out bad spots and fill it with foam made for targets.

works great .

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