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Looks good! My (rather limited) experience is that nearly perfect temp control (both of the pit and the meat) is required to get that moist, tender lip smacking good pulled pork straight off the rack with no foiling. Foiling, on the other hand, gives a great deal of leeway in temp and time. I'm not sold on either method. Foiling is definitely easier and has a much larger margin for error,  but my ego keeps pushing me to try for perfect PP without foiling. I'll continue to happily eat my experiments :)

Good luck in your learning process with the Lang!! Please continue to keep us posted on your progress. Remember, you're one of the fortunate few, and the rest of us non Lang owners are living vicariously through you.






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Food tasted good, everyone who tried it like it. Maybe I'm too critical. I forgot to take some up close action shots, sorry. Thanks for all the input gents.

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