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Canning Whole/Halved/Quartered Tomatoes

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  You forgot one do this one time .you'll never quit!


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Tas, mornnin'... Looks better than store bought to me... thanks for moms tips... Dave

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Great post!



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Great looking tomatoes and a great tutorial.


There is nothing like garden ripe home canned tomatoes.

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hey, guys - thanks for the comments - i ahve been learning a few things here and there. - it is not my intention to get political, but i believe it won't be long before some of the old skills such as canning, home preservation and gardening will become more than quaint things that people do for a bit of nostalgia - i beleive that these things might become absolutely necessary again before long. even if they don't become necessary, i still think that everyone should know how to do them, and practice these methods. the food is SO much better and it truly is an economical way to provide for a household!

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Great post. I agree. Everyone should have these skills Tas.

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Thanks for the great post.points.gif

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Great tutorial Ron - nice work as always 

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