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Smoked Salmon (First attempt)

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I smoked up some salmon last night.  My first time ever smoking salmon.  And it turned out great. I followed the recipe and directions by Bearcarver.  I smoked with apple and kept the skin on. Four and a half to 5 hours on the smoker depending on the size of the fillet.  The salmon was juicy with great flavor.
I was wondering about low temps on the UDS, but it wasn't too bad.  I started with a small number of briquettes and it kept the fire manageable.  Low temps here in Michigan probably helped as well. Thank you Bearcarver for sharing your recipe!
Sitting on the UDS getting close to being pulled.  I put syrup on one of them to see what it was like. Wasn't bad.
Final nice closeup. 
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That is some great looking salmon...Great BearView too.


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Looks fantastic!

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Looks Great!


That's some yummy stuff, I'm addicted...

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Looks delicious!

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The Salmon looks Great!!! 


Looks like the same stuff I did following Bears Recipe a few weeks ago.


It turned out great also. 



Happy Smokin'




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