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ABT and brats.

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This was for supper.10 26 11 013.jpg

10 26 11 015.jpgStuffed with italan sasage and cream chesse and colby jack chesse.

10 26 11 019.jpg

10 26 11 020.jpg

10 26 11 023.jpgHomemade fries brats and abt's.

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Looks good,I'll take a couple of thosedrool.gif.

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Now that's a REAL meal you have there Michael!

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Looks awesome, can I get 2 plates to go, please?


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Awesome Supper, Michael !!!!


Another Plate, Please!!





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Thanks for all the kind words.I'm a meat and potato's guy.The pepper were fresh out of the garden sweet banana ,bell,Serrano.Yea i had two

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looks like you been practicing for the throwdown!

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