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My first smoked brisket

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My first attempt at a brisket.  Any comments for improvement are welcomed.



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I'm sorry I don't have time to watch your 15 min. video; how do you think it turned out?  The only people you need to please are yourself and your family/friends.


A quick bullet point or step by step description of your methods can help us efficiently identify areas of potential improvement.  I've done many packer briskets and would be glad to throw in my $0.02!



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The end result looked good to me, like you said you may have let it cook a little too long. 


How did it taste with the sauce on it?

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Looking good. You did a fine job on the video also

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It looks like it cut really easily. I remember you mentioning a spice grinder, how's about a a cutting board too! So I kept bouncing around your video, keep it up and good smoking to you!

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